With Brian Gone, Family Guy Might Die

When I started to watch Family Guy it was after it was cancelled but before it came back on the air. I had found it in its Cartoon Network fame late at night, and fell in love with the hilarity of the show. I was in my early twenties and I was looking for things that were more crude and adult like. Family Guy provided me with that, along with Futurama. In the first few seasons of Family Guy there were several great, hilarious characters. Peter, Stewie, Brian, and Quagmire always kept me laughing. But, after it came back Family Guy became a little less funny as the episodes and seasons passed. Soon I was hating most scenes with Peter and Quagmire, and I anxiously awaited any scene or episode starring Stewie and Brian. They were funny, off the wall, and most importantly they had a “chemistry” that only Seth MacFarlane could create with himself.

Honestly, for me Family Guy became the Stewie and Brian show. They’re why I’ve stuck with the show for so long, and why I don’t know if I can continue. Brian was a character that I saw a lot of myself in (although I do not drink, nor am I obviously a dog).

We all know that there is very little enjoyable about Family Guy in its 12th season. It’s gone for years too long, and Seth MacFarlane himself has wanted to cut bait with the show since season 7. With any show that goes on for years and years it has times when the show goes dull and it needs to change things up. One of the worst things a show can do though, is kill off a beloved character.


Family Guy has plenty of characters that could be killed off without any consequence, Meg, Chris, Bonnie, and even Peter could be killed off without such hate from its fans. The fact is, Family Guy is (possibly was) still popular because of two characters, Stewie and Brian. Their friendship has kept the show enjoyable and semi-relevant for years. Too often the show has a dull, and completely un-funny episode only to be saved by a moment shared between Stewie and Brian.

Now those moments are gone, they’re done. Family Guy has lost a little bit of its luster now, and has officially fallen behind the better show of American Dad in every single way. I want Family Guy to be funny, I really do, but I can’t make a show that lost its sense of humor re-gain it.

It’s clear that a change needed to happen on Family Guy, but maybe the change wasn’t to kill off Brian. Maybe the change was something more like getting new writers, maybe even a new show runner. Shows change over time, people who work on them leave. But, it seems as though killing off a character to “shake things up” isn’t the best thing for the show or the fans.

I want to give the people who run and write for Family Guy the benefit of the doubt, but over the past several years they’ve shown me only the ability to do one thing consistently; write a bad show. At least from here on out I know that I can skip Family Guy except for a rare episode centered around Stewie and I can instead focus on Seth MacFarlane’s superiorly funny show American Dad and enjoy all the satire’s that are hidden within that show.