Top 10 Promo Guy’s In Pro Wrestling History

Promo’s seem to be a lost art in today’s Pro Wrestling scene. Watch WWE or TNA today and you will be hard pressed to find a good promo on any show. Think Triple H is a good promo? Think again, he barely scratches the surface of what a good promo is. There are some that can make you so emotionally invested in them that you will give an emotional response. Growing up watching Pro Wrestling promo’s were always what got me invested in the product, and what helped me fall in love with it. Here are my Top 10 Promo Guy’s in Pro Wrestling history.


imagesCAQGO2PO10. Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan was one of the first name’s I knew in the world of Pro Wrestling, but I never got to know the “Real American” in his prime. I fell in love with Hulk Hogan when he became “Hollywood” and became the biggest heel in Pro Wrestling history. But, whether it’s “Real American” or “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan will always be known as a person who gets a response from the crowd. What keeps him from being further on the list is that many of his promo’s didn’t make the most sense, especially during his “Real American” days. Still Hulk Hogan is the most iconic Pro Wrestler of all time, and because of that he deserves to be on this list, period.


untitled9. Chris Jericho
One of the most underrated Pro Wrestling Promo Guy’s of all time. He could make you laugh, or hate him easily. But, what made Chris Jericho great was his WCW days when he got you to want to keep watching him even though WCW never really let him shine.




imagesCAX5JJOU8. The Rock
A standout star of “The Attitude Era” The Rock has become a big star doing movies in Hollywood. But what made The Rock popular in the first place was his charisma. The Rock was another case of not always making the most sense in his promo’s. His catch phrases were more important to him than substance, but his mark on the industry will always be felt.



flaircustom7. “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair
arguably the greatest Pro Wrestler of all time. “The Nature Boy” was the leader of The Four Horseman and his career was longer than I am old (30 years). In when he retired in the 00′s Ric Flair promo’s were and are still as relevant as ever. He was more ahead of his time than arguably more than any other Pro Wrestler ever.



imagesCAXTS2E26. Paul Heyman
The mastermind of ECW has had many different persona’s over his time in the world of Pro Wrestling. He’s changed so much that you may not be able to completely tell that the ECW Paul Heyman is the same man. But one of the great things about Paul Heyman is that he has been able to adapt and change with the times. Because of this he is the only non-Pro Wrestler to make this list.



CM-Punk-2013-615x3615. CM Punk
The only active full-time Pro Wrestler on this list, CM Punk started to make a name for himself as an indie wrestler, and wrestling for ROH where he created his term “Pipe Bomb”. The existence of that term has gone away (at least for now), but Punk had a moment that shocked the world where reality met scripted television. That one pipe bomb is now iconic.



tumblr_mwbjryS08T1ssbwtfo1_5004. “Macho Man” Randy Savage
The Cream Of The Crop, Randy Savage is one of my all time personal favorite promo people. His interview/promo’s with “Mean” Gene are some of my favorite stuff ever in the history of Pro Wrestling. The way he spoke will never be duplicated, his emotion and ever intense level are what made him great. You knew when you heard Randy Savage talking that you were going to have a memory, probably a great memory. Still his thought process into how he talked about his “conflicts” within the world of Pro Wrestling will never be duplicated because Randy thought about things differently and meticulously.



imagesCAO58L0B3. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin
The thousand yard stare of “Stone Cold” was just as iconic as his middle finger and beer chugging. He had a straight intensity that at the time I had never experienced in Pro Wrestling. He was white-hot and every promo he had was straight to the point. When he turned heel and worked with Kurt Angle and Triple H his promo’s only improved as he was better able to add a bit of comedy to his character. I will forever remember his time with Kurt Angle as my favorite time in his career, those promo’s could make me laugh for hours.



untitled12. “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes
His prime was before I watched Pro Wrestling. But even today his promo’s are still completely relevant. “The American Dream” is another who had a delivery that no one will ever be able to duplicate. If you saw him on RAW this year his promo’s are still as good as ever. “The American Dream” could make you fall in love with his work by giving you a promo that only have three words “I Love You”. Now, that’s power.



imagesCAG4DRD71. Mick Foley
The emotion that Mrs. Foley baby boy could evoke his promo’s were simply amazing. He could make you feel his pain, hate him and love him all in one promo. To this day I still recall his Mankind interview with Jim Ross, the emotion displayed in that interview alone made me a Mick Foley fan. Years later I discovered the “Cane Dewey” promo that made me fall in love with his promo work all over again. Mick Foley is without question my favorite Pro Wrestler of all time. It’s not because he was “hardcore”, it’s because of his promo’s. He always got you emotionally invested.