Should You Read….. Black Science #1?

Story: Rick Remender
Art: Matteo Scalera
Painted Art: Dean White
Letters: Rus Wooton
Editor: Sebastian Girner
Publisher: Image Comics
Reviewed By: Josh Pierce

“There Is No Authority But Yourself.”

I read Black Science obsessing over the gritty visuals. I feel in love with Blacke Science #1 because of the dialogue, and the overall story told. Many people find themselves obsessing about their work, cutting off their family, and friends, and sometimes their health and sanity to do so. Black Science #1 is a book that gives us a man, Grant who gave up everything to study Black Science. Sure in this comic you find that he still “has” his family, but that’s not entirely true. He sacrificed his life (with them) to study his obsession. He made it his life goal to study Black Science and he became successful (in way) by doing so.


I really didn’t and still don’t know what to think of Black Science mostly because after one issue I’m still trying to figure out what the book is about. I do understand the basic premise of the book, but there is still alot that I don’t understand. And that’s okay. I don’t need to know every single nugget of this book’s premise within a single issue. What I do need, and I got was to become invested in the story. I can see that Grant is a flawed man, someone who seems to have the guilt of what’s happened, and bringing his family to another world with him. He’s riddled with this guilt, and it drives him, back to his children to save their lives. The entire issue is based around getting back to his children within a set time frame. He goes through and hell and high water to do so, and barely makes it, but he does.

Black Science succeeds where many other science fiction books fail in their first issue, Rick Remender keeps it simple. Sure the world is different from ours, and so are the creatures that Grant has to deal with. But, the story is still a simple one, Grant overcoming the odds to save his children. That’s what drives him.


Listen, I can’t give more away than that, and I really want to talk to you about this book; alot. Trust me. But, until it comes out I can’t and I won’t. All I can say is that Black Science #1 is gritty and simply amazing. The art leaves your jaw on the ground and the story is twisted, dark, and insanely awesome.

Read Black Science when it comes out.