REVIEW: Morning Glories #26

Writer: Nick Spencer
Art: Joe Eisma
Colors: Rodin Esquejo
Publisher: Image Comics
Reviewed By: Dave Christian

Issue Summary: “THE WAITING GAME”
Season 2 of the smash hit series begins here, with a special, full-sized, impossibly priced $1 prelude – the perfect jumping-on point for collection readers looking to move to single issues!

Review: Morning Glories is a mysterious book that follows brilliant but troubled students at the Morning Glory Academy prep school. The school is not all that it appears to be and is hiding several secrets. Issue #26 kicks off the second chapter of the series.

This issue focuses on Casey Blevins, a smart blonde student from Chicago. In one path through the book it follows Casey in the current as it is revealed she is alive and knows Abraham. He relationship with him is a mystery left for us to ponder. She is given an assignment and dyes her hair black, and sets out on a series of jobs. The other story told is of Casey before she attends the Academy. She begins high school and seems to live a fairly normal life.

However as she settles in her Physics class the teacher is revealed to be Ms. Clarkson, who is a particular brunette we recognize! The twist and crossed paths of the two stories is brilliant and wonderfully entertaining. Nick Spencer is marvelous at telling a griping story, even in an issue such as this with little dialogue and art driven.

Joe Eisma’s art is gorgeous! There are no flaws to find as his style and execution adds depth and layers to Spencer’s story.

This issue is a perfect jumping on point for new readers, and is highly recommended!