REVIEW: Hoax Hunters 6

Writers: Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley
Art: Axel Medellin
Colors: Charo Solis
Letters: Jim Campbell
Publisher: Image Comics
Reviewer: Joe Sarnicola
I have always enjoyed stories in whatever form that employ a little witty humor to offset the horror elements and vice versa. Scooby Doo might be an extreme example, but even that children’s cartoon works when written properly. The Shining, at least the Jack Nicholson version, didn’t quite make it in my opinion. But plenty of examples that do work are still being created, and Hoax Hunters is definitely one of them.
This title has a good blend of both humor and horror. I wish I had read the issues leading up to this one, but I could get a feel for the situation right away, in spite of my lack of backstory knowledge. I thought it was hilarious when the arrogant trio, whoever they were, was pelted by stones after threatening the unseen gnomes and then a garden gnome statue landed on the pile of rocks with a “thud.”
This book also pokes fun at the many ghost hunting reality shows on television and the obsessive fans those shows can attract.
Although I had a hard time following the plot and understanding what was motivating the characters by reading one isolated issue, the characters did demonstrate distinct personalities, which only added to the entertainment value of this book. And I loved the way the colors gave this book a distinct personality of its own. Hoax Hunters is a riot. Read it!