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  Approved by Financial Working Office of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government, held by Jiangsu Zomglobe Investment Co., Ltd., Yixing Lianfeng Rural Microcredit Co., Ltd. was established in May 2010. Under the concern and support of all circles of the society and shareholders, Lianfeng Microcredit has created a microcredit company with advanced management mode and social image, and awarded several honorary titles as “Top 100 Chinese Microcredit Companies in Competitiveness”, “Characteristic Advanced Collective in Microcredit in Wuxi”, etc.
  In 2010, was named the "Yixing advanced collective of the service industry.
  In MAR 2011, was named the "Yixing "38" Red Flag Collective.
  In MAR 2011, was named the "Yixing financial statistics and publicity work advanced unit.
  In DEC 2011, was named the "Yixing Women's civilization unit.
  In DEC 2011, was named the "2009-2011 Wuxi safe financial activities advanced unit".
  In 2011, was named the "Yixing top ten modern service industry.
  In JAN 2012, was named the "Wuxi "business development" advanced collective.
  In JAN 2012, was named the "Wuxi "microfinance Features" advanced collectives.
  In JAN 2012, was named the "Wuxi "guarantee business innovation" advanced collective.

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