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Mineral resource
  Jiangsu zomglboe group mining Resources are located in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia and Ruichang, Jiangxi. Chifeng mining resources includes Aohan Qi Yufeng Mining resource Co., Ltd and Zomglobe mining resource Co.ltd.

  Aohan Qi Yufeng Mining Co., Ltd. is located in Beizifu, at the border of Liaoning and Inner Mongolia. The mining area of Yufeng has long mining history, Xu Daotai has begun sand excavation early during the reign of Emperor Guangxu in Qing Dynasty, in 1937, the Japanese conducted predatory mining of the gold in Dahei Mountain, in May 1992, local government established state-owned enterprise Dahei Mountain Gold Mine (or Jinchang Liangjin Mine), in 2005, the government canvassed business order and attracted capitals, the enterprise was merged by Jiangsu Zomglobe Group.Yufeng Mine owns the mining right area of 1.3km2, 5200 kilogramsgold reserve has been proven. There are three mining production areas, one dressing plant, integrating geology, survey, mining, dressing, measurement, test, with advanced equipment and complete support, strong comprehensive strength and good enterprise image, and receiving high praises of local society.

  Zomglobe Mining Resource Co., Ltd. is located in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Since the establishment, under the great support from local governments, Zomglobe Mining has fully utilized the favorable national policy on encouraging private capital to invest in mining industry, and obtained the mining right and exploration right of one lead-zinc mine, two iron mines and one gold mine, with good indicators ,potential value and development prospect.

  Jiangxi mining resources of Zomglobe group includes Surui Miningresource Co., Ltd, Suke Metallurgical Materials Co.ltd and Jiangrui mining resource Co.ltd, wholly-funded subsidiaries of Jiangsu Zomglobe Group.There are three medium-sized mines with total reserves of over 200 million tons, annual capacity of over 12 million tons, one owned Yangtze River terminals.Our main products include construction stone, metallurgical flux, lime, lime passivation used in Construction market, commercial concrete mixing station, metallurgy, power generation, soda ash with good capacity. It has good prospects for future development through meticulous, scale, standardization, environmental management.
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