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Connotation of the logo

      The first letter "Z" of the Zomglobe Logo is embedded in the image of the Earth, reflecting the mental outlook that the corporate mind the world, meet the challenges. The logo also contains the name of the Zomglobe, which has a unique visual identity.

      The blank part between blue and red looks like a pair of hands serving the Earth in the palm, reflecting the enterprises good service concept and a high degree of social responsibility.

      The solid shape of the logo is like the refining ladle, a symbol that Zomglobe services for the metallurgical industry, reflecting a pragmatic and prudent corporate image. The internal smooth line is a symbol of the innovation and modifications spirit of enterprise. The opening of left and right sides unlimited extension to make the external and internal became one, reflecting unlimited potential for development of Zomglobe and the desire to strive to become one with the world, serving for the social.

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