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Core team
Huang Zhenqiu, male, Han nationality, born in Apri
    Deputy to the National People's Congress of graduate Party member of the Communist Party of China, master, senior economist, Jiangsu vibration ball, the founder of the group, the current Jiangsu vibration ball group chairman, Jiangsu vibration ball group charitable foundation, chairman of China Refractories Industry Association vice president, Yixing City Industrial and Commercial Federation vice chairman, Yixing City fire resisting material industry association, Yixing City the fourteenth and fifteenth session of the National People's Congress on behalf of Wuxi City, Wuxi City, the Eleventh Party, was awarded the "Jiangsu Province model worker", "Yixing City, ten young entrepreneurs", "Wuxi City Ten Outstanding Youth", "Wuxi City, the new Long March udarnik pacesetter", "outstanding communist party member", "outstanding entrepreneurs," the honorary title.
Wu Yonglai, male, Han nationality, born in August
    Party member of the Communist Party of China, doctor of engineering, senior engineer, senior economist, 1998 to join the vibration ball company, group, the incumbent deputy general manager is in Jiangsu Province "333" project of cultivation, Wuxi City "530" project judges, Yixing City "13th", "14th" CPPCC members, Yixing Municipal Association of the seventh and eighth vice president, director of Academic Committee of China Electric, director of Jiangsu Province Association of silicate, member of the Chinese Ceramic Society, member of the Chinese Society for metals refractory to, China Metallurgical Auxiliary Materials Association members, the special steel magazine editorial committee. Five years, in the international, domestic published papers sixteen, won the national invention patent twelve. The leadership team has undertaken and participated in the national "Tenth Five Year Plan" and "Eleventh Five Year" attack of Guanzi project a, provincial and municipal scientific research projects 11.
Zhou Wenming, male, Han nationality, born in Novem
    Party member of the Communist Party of China, college culture, senior economist, 2001, joined vibration ball company, group, the incumbent deputy general manager and Ruichang City Jiang Rui Mining Co., Ltd. General Manager, won the "Yixing City outstanding communist party member", "Wuxi City Labor Model" the honorary title. The in the supply management of the company first launched "CERP system", the company supply management on a new level; the management style of tough, share weal and woe with employees, in the company in charge of the mining sector in the process, all mineral enterprise safety, high yield, the mining sector flourish.
Wang Dong, male, Han nationality, born in December
    Party member of the Communist Party of China, master of metallurgical engineering, senior engineer, in 2003, he joined vibration ball company, deputy general manager of the group, the incumbent, Jiangsu Jianai Refractories Co., Ltd. General Manager is Yixing City sixteenth session of the National People's Congress, Yixing City "academic technology leaders", won the "Fushun City outstanding young tech leader", "Liaoning Province cross century academic leaders", "outstanding youth of the Wuxi City Construction Second Home", "Wuxi City outstanding young entrepreneurs," the, "Yixing City new citizen Contribution Award" and the honorary title. During vibration ball group work, technology will metallurgy and refractories, auxiliary technology were combined with a good, has been highly recognized by customers, sales put forward innovative ideas "experiential marketing", with the quality and service firmly seize the customers, so as to make the vibration ball group refractory material plate into the domestic refractories industry first-class level.
Huang Dongping, male, Han nationality, born in Oct
    College culture, engineers, Party member of the Communist Party of China, in 2005 to join the vibration ball company Ren Qinling molybdenum industry company general manager, in 2009, he was appointed Deputy General Manager of the group is Ruichang City, the sixth session of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC, Ruichang City Federation of industry vice chairman, Jiujiang City of Jiangsu will executive vice president, was awarded the honorary title of "Wuxi City model worker". Is mainly responsible for the group, a subsidiary of molybdenum plate and Jiangxi plate of enterprise management, the pilot implementation of the "internal market" management mode, for molybdenum industry company plate and Jiangxi plate leap forward development made outstanding contributions.
Wu Xinhua, male, Han nationality, born in Septembe
    Party member of the Communist Party of China, the undergraduate culture, the Chinese Institute of certified public accountants, Chinese certified appraiser, senior accountant, in 2005 to join the vibration ball company, currently group finance director is business counseling division in Jiangsu Province, Wuxi Institute of Arts and Technology Cooperation Council (Department of economic management specialty construction steering committee director. Won the national tax inspection "Yixing advanced individual", the assets appraisal quality inspection "Wuxi advanced individual honorary title. Under his leadership, the company for many years won the municipal financial management and advanced tax units. The successful operation of the advocated the establishment of "Lianfeng rural small loan Co., Ltd.", so that vibration ball into the fast development track of capital operation. He led the team to successfully overcome the financial crisis of the company, providing the company's operations to expand the capital guarantee.

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