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  Established in 1992 and located in Yixing, a historical and cultural city in China,Jiangsu Zomglobe Group Co., Ltd now has fifteen wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries, two testing center and one research institute through acquisition, restructuring and expansion. The main business involves in high-temperature materials, metallurgical auxiliary materials,  investment, mining and alloy , real estate, finance and other industries.

  Among the subordinate enterprises, there is a "national non-metallic materials industrial base in Yixing " as a backbone enterprises and two" high-tech enterprises of National Torch Plan ", five national medium-sized mines and a provincial well-known small loan company. In 2015, One postdoctoral innovation practice base in jiangsu province and One "National thousands of people planworkstation" had been established。

  Zomglobe is committed to philanthropy and the yixing vibration ball charitable foundation was founded in 2010 whose purpose is based on "people-oriented, caring about the livelihood of the people, poor people, efforting to build a harmonious society" 。Committing to the "student, helps the medical, sleepy and helpage" charity relief,etc。Now there are thousands of difficult objects receiving rescue every year。

Zomglobe Group has a high degree of recognition of the core management team and actively seizes the era of China's economic transformation opportunities. It’s growing rapidly due to highly benefit from China's reform and opening-up policy, and adhere root in China, striving to become globally competitive modern company. Now the subordinate enterprises which have industrial performance of steady growth will create a stable value in return for shareholders.

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