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  In the national economic development of reform and opening-up policy under the guidance of zomglobe group thank the social from all walks of life support and the deep affection, gone through a journey of extraordinary entrepreneurship development, through unremitting efforts, won the recognition of the industry and society. Thanks to the national economic development of the steady progress, thanks to zomglobe persistent professional spirit, tireless pursuit and unremitting struggle to the enterprise.
  Zomglobe group predecessor was founded in the early ninety s, gradually developed into refractory material and metallurgical auxiliary materials, mining, real estate, finance and other diversified and interdisciplinary customers medium-sized enterprise group, the company has always insisted on and advocated "the good faith, diligence, truth-seeking, diligence" spirit of enterprise and the concept, insist on refractories development as the main business, wholeheartedly provide customers with quality products and superb service. Company through the administrative efficiency, talent thriving enterprise, the enterprise culture, casting brand " zomglobe ", the enhancement enterprise visibility and reputation, enhance core competitiveness, efforts to keep zomglobe enterprise steadily in the tide of economic construction, developing healthy. The company has gradually established a modern enterprise management system, formed a sound and reasonable organization, have to play all kinds of difficult team, has entered the domestic first-class enterprise technology and capital strength. On the way of development, the company and the northeastern university, wuhan university of science and technology, anhui university of technology and so on more than domestic well-known colleges and universities cooperation, expand the "production, study and research" breadth and depth. Has built the largest prefabricated workshop, loose material for domestic most advanced production line, the company has the annual output of 300000 tons of refractory material products, production capacity of 8 million tons of metallurgical solvent, the product adopted by the national more than 100 steel mills, and the proportion of the export product quality also rises in year after year.
  In future years, zomglobe group had a higher vision, will certainly to realize "creating zomglobe one hundred enterprise" goal continue to struggle. Here, I warmly welcome the elite from all walks of life support and join vibration, zomglobe will provide you with a full talent stage, zomglobe is ready to cooperate with you, hand in hand create a brilliant tomorrow.
  To take this opportunity to extend to zomglobe long-term care about and support the development of the social people from all walks of life express our sincere gratitude!
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